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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg license renewal sea service requirement

Instructions and Help about Uscg license renewal sea service requirement

Hello and welcome to another us captain's training video this video is all about sea service requirements of vessels not more than 100 gross tons so if you want to get a captain's license of up to a hundred gross tons these are the sea service requirements that you need the first one is the most complicated one near coastal master captain's license not more than hundred gross tons this license allows you to operate up to 200 miles offshore on the East Coast West Coast Gulf of Mexico so here are the daily requirements 720 days total 316 of those days seaward of the boundary line or on the Great Lakes when I call the Coast Guard I asked them about the boundary line it is indicated on charts but the lady told me that you can you can consistently use three miles offshore if you are three miles or more offshore it's considered near coastal time if you were less than three miles offshore it'll be inland time and so you can use that three miles offshore and ninety days in the last three years so let's run through that again for near coastal masters not more than hundred gross tons you need 720 days total 360 days seaward of the boundary line or on the Great Lakes in ninety of those days in the last three years for Great Lakes and inland captain's license not more than hundred gross tons you need 360 days total 90 of those days on the Great Lakes for your Great Lakes endorsement and then 90 days in the last three years if you're going for inland master captain's license not more than a hundred gross tons you need 360 days total and 90 of those 360 in the last three years when you apply for your license they're either gonna give you a hundred ton a 50-ton or a 25-ton depending on the size of the vessel where you where you gained your time so here are the qualifications to earn a hundred ton if 90 of your total days or on a vessel fifty one gross tons are above you qualify for a hundred if 180 of your days Brown a vessel thirty-four gross tons are above you'll qualify for a hundred and then if you already hold a license let's say you hold a 50 ton license when you put a hundred eighty days of service on a vessel five gross tons are above while holding your license you will qualify for a hundred gross ton lessons let's look at the qualifications for a 50 so this is a caveat if you have at least one day on a vessel over five gross tons prior to March 24th 2022 you qualify for a 50 gross ton license and if 90 of your days were on a vessel 25 gross tons or above you qualify for a 50 and if or if 180 of your days were on a.


Why are government processes very slow? As an example DMV has automated certain service such as license renewals, but anything requiring a visit is painfully slow, can they automate things further and figure out how to improve processing?
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There is curfew in my area and Internet service is blocked, how can I fill my exam form as today is the last day to fill it out?
Spend less time using your blocked Internet to ask questions on Quora, andTravel back in time to when there was no curfew and you were playing Super Mario Kart, and instead, fill out your exam form.
My Driving License had expired 7 years ago, now (2022) how much money will it require to renew my license?
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